Our Services:

Financial Services | Meetings | Property Administration 

Levy Distribution, Collection & Arrears Management

Administration Support | Insurance Matters | Reporting | Legal Matters


Financial Services:

Creative Strata is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of financial services.

  • establishment and maintenance of accounting records
  • preparation of an annual budget for the expenditure of owners funds
  • preparation of financial reports on all income and expenditure
  • collection, receipt, acknowledgement, banking and accounting for any monies due or payable to the Owners Corporation
  • payment of accounts as authorised by the Owners Corporation
  • preparation and submission of financial statements on a quarterly basis or additional statements prepared as requested
  • answering owners questions or sending reports with regards to financial matters



Our experienced team ensure meetings are conducted professionally, efficiently and compliant with all required legislation.

  • preparation of agendas and minutes of Executive Committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings when required
  • attending all meetings whether it is onsite at the Premier Strata premises or a location convenient to the attendees at no extra cost
  • the preparation and forwarding of forms of motion, ballot papers or voting papers when required
  • loading the minutes of meetings to the owners’ online portal for access by all owners and committee members
  • performing duties of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Owners Corporation where required


Property Administration:

Property administration services are delivered professionally with the utmost care.

  • preparing and forwarding levy notices to owners and calculation of the interest due on unpaid levies
  • paying tax invoices on behalf of the Owners Corporation and preparing a monthly payment schedule for the treasurer or a member of the Executive Committee
  • maintaining the books and records of the Owners Corporation,updating the strata roll and the administering of the common seal
  • performing the clerical functions involved in the implementation of the decisions of the Owners Corporation or the Executive Committee
  • convening, attending and recording resolutions at committee, extraordinary and annual general meetings
  • preparing and posting notice for all meetings and distributing all minutes as recorded
  • providing professional assistance to Owners Corporation and the executive committee
  • prepare newsletters for communication internally in communities
  • making applications and submissions to the Strata Title Commissioner on behalf of the Owners Corporation


Levy Distribution, Collection & Arrears Management  

We implement the following levy management processes:

  • the issuing of quarterly levy notices to owners, prior to the due date of payment
  • the collection and depositing of levy contributions into the Strata Schemes Trust Fund Account
  • reporting on arrears of levies and any other contributions



Administration Support

Creative Strata provides support staff to facilitate and assist our strata managers with queries and requests including:

  • accounting and clerical
  • insurance claims and renewals
  • effect compliance with Local Council and Work Cover
  • facilitation of locum strata managers
  • maintaining the Strata Roll
  • managing correspondence
  • preparing and submitting certificates under Section 109
  • supervise use of the common seal
  • provide advice to owners corporation and the Executive Committee
  • perform clerical functions


Insurance Matters

The process of insurance renewals with professionalism and integrity.

This is executed well in advance of the expiration of the annual policy to ensure there is no gap in insurance coverage.

Insurance policies are affected with the insurer of your choice as we are not allied to any one company.

Any commission received by the company chosen is fully disclosed.


All claims are dealt with professionally and in a timely manner to ensure as little disruption to the strata scheme as possible.



  • financial reports
  • status report – generated monthly showing all receipts and payments
  • debtors balances
  • insurance report
  • owners ledger
  • provide advice to owners corporation and the Executive Committee
  • perform clerical functions


Legal Matters

  • by-law registration
  • Section 118 and 109 matters
  • preparing by-laws
  • levy recovery
  • working alongside the Executive Committee and solicitors to resolve legal matters
  • conveying instructions to solicitors